From beginners to the seasoned taxidermist, you are sure to learn a few things that will improve your quality, save you money, and decrease turn around time for your customers! The camaraderie with fellow taxidermists and the experience of competition is thrilling – we invite you to come give the MSTA a try!

As a member you will have access to the workshops we offer during the slower months of the year as well as be able to attend our yearly convention.

We bundle both our association and conference registration into the same packet, but you don't have to register for the conference to join us! Just print, fill out, select a membership tier, and mail the packet with your dues.

Membership Tiers

Individual - 45.00
Family - 55.00
Business - 75.00
(Owner, 2 Employees)

Membership runs from convention to convention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to download the registration form.

Please make checks payable to MSTA and mail everything to:

Mississippi State Taxidermy Association
Attn: Christina Rushing
2355 Dulaney Road
Terry, MS 39170

Image to the left was taken at Jay Huey's seminar on bird anatomy at our 2015 convention.