Mississippi State Taxidermy Association Bylaws

Developed February 2006

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Article I: Name
Section I: The name of this association shall be the Mississippi State Taxidermy Association, herein refereed to as the MSTA.

Article II: Purpose
Section I: The general purpose of the MSTA is the preservation of the art and business if taxidermy.
Section II: To promote high standards in the art of taxidermy, strive to produce high quality products and promotes education in the art and business of taxidermy.
Section III: Support the rights of all to hunt and fish by engaging in such civil educational and business activities as the MSTA.
Section IV: To assist in any way possible in the conservation of all natural resources for future generations.
Section V: To accept funds as shall be necessary to carry out the purpose of the MSTA.

Article III: Membership
Section I: A member shall be one who has paid current dues in the MSTA and abides by the bylaws.
Section II: There shall be no joint membership.
Section III: Individual membership shall consist of one participating in the art of taxidermy.
Section IV: Family membership shall consist of a member's immediate family living within the same household. Immediate family members under the age of 18 shall be considered as family members.
Section V: A member must be in good standing with the local, state and federal laws.
Section VI: Participation in the annual convention by members is voluntary and members understand that they will not be compensated monetarily for providing seminars, registering conventioneers, or any other duties.

Article IV: Voting
Section I: Members must be present to vote. Single membership includes one vote per member and family membership includes two votes for election of Board of Directors as well as any issues brought before the association.
Section II: Election of Board of Directors shall be held by written ballot at the annual convention meeting. Installation of Board of Directors will be held at the end of the annual convention.
Section III: The president shall not vote except to break a tie within the exception of Article VIII.
Section IV: Out of state members may have voting rights, but cannot hold any office.

Article V: Dues
Section I: All membership dues are to be paid in advance or at the annual convention. Membership forms are sent out by the National Taxidermy Association (NTA) Membership dues are not prorated.
Section II: Membership dues may be changed by majority vote of the membership at the annual meeting.
Section III: Any member who has not renewed membership by the annual convention will lose membership until paid in full.
Section IV: Returned checks or checks with insufficient funds fee will be treated as state laws provide and a $25.00 fee per heck will be charged.

Article VI: Grievance
Section I: Any member may present a grievance to any officer (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, or any Board of Director) at any meeting or at any time. The grievance must be made in writing and will be forwarded to the President for his/ her review.
Section II: The grievance will be presented to board members for their review for resolution and the majority decision of the members will be final.

Article VII: Vacancies
Section I: In the event that a vacancy should occur in the board of Directors except President, the President shall appoint any member to hold office until the next scheduled meeting of the association at which time a special election shall be held. In the event that the office of the President should become vacant, the Vice-President shall automatically assume that position.

Article VIII: Removal
Section I: Any officer or board member of the association may be removed at any time with just cause by two-thirds of the members present at a duly convened meeting.
Section II: The President will have the right to ask for the resignation of any member.
Section III: Any member that does bodily harm, or verbally abuses another member, just or willfully damages any mounts or personal items at any taxidermy convention or meeting will be removed form the MSTA indefinitely, no exceptions.
Section IV: Any member may be expelled for conduct which brings discredit upon, or is otherwise detrimental to the MSTA.
Section V: Dues will not be refunded to members that are removed or expelled.

Article IX: General Powers
Section I: The property, business and affairs of the MSTA shall be under the direction and control of the Board of Directors.
Section II: No decision which binds the MSTA contractually, or any expense over $200.00, can be made by anyone without a majority vote of approval by the Board of Directors.

Article X: Resignation
Section I: Any director or member may resign at any time by giving written notice thereof to the President. The resignation shall become effective upon the date specified therein, or if no date is specified, upon receipt thereof by the President.
Section II: Dues will not be refunded to members that have resigned.

Article XI: Principal Officers
Section I: Elective officers of the association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Supply Chairman, and Competition Chairman/Points Keeper, which are all board members.
Section II: In order to hold any office or serve on the Board of Directors, the nominee must have been a MSTA member for at east one full calendar year to be eligible for nomination for such office or board.
Section III: President:
The President shall be chief executive of the association. The president shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint committees, direct correspondence, and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from the membership.
The President must have served a year on the Board of Directors or have held an office for at least one year prior to the election in order to be eligible to hold the position of president.
The President shall automatically become a member of the Board of Directors for a term of one year after the President's term expires, unless he/she is elected to another office. In such case, an additional board members position shall be added to the election process for the remaining term.
Section IV: Vice-President:
The Vice-President shall assist and assume the duties of President in his/her absence, and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President or membership.
The Vice-President must have served one year on the Board of Directors or have held an office for at least one year prior to the election in order to be eligible to hold the position of Vice-President.
Section V: Secretary/Treasurer:
The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the minutes of each meeting, assist the President in preparing the agenda for meetings, give notice of each meeting to the membership, and shall perform such duties as may be specified from time to time by the membership.
The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all monies, keep accurate records of all receipts and disbursements and submit a financial report at each meeting and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the membership.
The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive, as compensation for holding such office a complimentary hotel room for the annual convention.
Section VII: Competition Chairman/Points Keeper:
The Competition Chairman will be responsible for helping set up the competition room, take in mounts, number mounts and associated paperwork thereof, meet with judges and discuss and explain competition rules, be the judges aide (drinks and etc.), place ribbons, bring to President the list of paperwork of all major awards before banquet, hold all score sheets and return to proper owner with mount ID tags.
The Competition Chairman/Points Keeper is responsible for keeping each member's certification points up to date. He/she is responsible for corresponding with the members to keep up with eligibility for Award of Excellence. He/she is responsible for turning this information in the NTA if the member is competing for the NTA Certification or Award of Excellence. He/she is responsible for making preparations to send the members their awards or making other arrangements.
Section VII: Supply Chairman:
The Supply Chairman is responsible for overseeing the set up and take down of the supply room at the annual convention. He/she is responsible for contacting the suppliers with the dates, booth prices, and having an estimated number of attending suppliers and booths.
The Supply Chairman must contact suppliers for donations and send thank you letters to suppliers.
Section VIII: Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs and management of the MSTA.
Terms of office for Board of Directors are two years, with said term to beginning at the conclusion of the annual convention and to continue through the annual show in the second year.
The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members in good standing with the MSTA. Board members will elect officers and said officers will serve the entire two year term.

Article XII: Meetings
Section I: There shall be an annual members meeting held to coincide with the annual convention and competition. The President may also call an impromptu meeting as needed after giving proper notice.
Section II: There shall be an annual Board of Directors meeting held to coincide with the annual convention and competition. The President may also call an impromptu Board of Directors meeting as needed after giving proper notice.

Article XIII: Amendments
Section I: These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting, provided that proper notice of the proposal has been made available to all active members.

Article XIV: Parliamentary Law
Section I: “Robert's Rule of Order” shall govern in all cases not provided for in these Bylaws.

Article XV: Prior Bylaws
Section I: All prior Bylaws are hereby dissolved or other actions of the MSTA which are in conflict herewith are modified and superseded.